Quiver of bolts

a quiver of bolts

weapon (ranged)

A braced leather holster, with eyelets along the top and sides to lash to a belt or pack.

The holster has room for a crossbow, and has two quivers of crossbow bolts attached. Each quiver holds ten bolts.

The first quiver is black leather, bearing the symbol of a stag. Silver rings at it’s top allow it to be strapped to the holster, or to any belt.

The second quiver is brown leather, and displaying the same symbol. This quiver has bronze rings, obviously meant as a match to the first.

The bolts themselves are of a black hardwood, and braced with spiraling metal all the way to the fletching. The bolts in the black quiver are braced with thin steel wire, while the bolts in the brown quiver are braced with bronze. The heads are four sided instead of the usual two, and all four sides are perfectly planed to the point, and polished a smooth silver.


Quiver of bolts

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