In the Name of the King

Out of Luck
Nilheim's Adventure Log

Just to clarify to anyone who may or may not read this, this is a journal. Not a diary. If one more person makes a reference to my womanly ways of writing down our adventures, I swear to whatever deity you may believe in, I will take your eyes.

1. Rogue Kobolds

Where to begin, oh where do I start this tale of misery and deceit? Well, I guess at the beginning. That’d make sense, wouldn’t it?

It’d be about four months since I had been unjustly ran out of Springbridge. I won’t go into too much detail, but to those of you who are curious. Let us just say my farm and crops were burned and my land returned to the way I had found it; Broken and lifeless. Perhaps one day, i’ll return but that isn’t likely.

So, back to the kobolds. A simple flier changed my path. You might ask me why I chose to follow after such a mundane task. Was it the gold? The chance at a bit of land or title? The answer to your questions would be a simple no. Gold would come when I needed it and what would I do with a title? Lord Nilheim? Please, Saraph, never lead me down that road. What brought me to the King’s Castle that day was simple. I was bored. A bit of adventure sounded entertaining and what a better adventure than something as simple as finding a band of rogue kobolds and slaughtering them all? Sounds quite peaceful to me.

So, there I was. The castle’s waiting room. Filled to the brim with jack-wannabes and hedge-witches. All these people who wanted the job for personal gain. It wasn’t long before those fools were sent on their way, their purses a bit lighter due to the luck of the halfling, and i was left alone with the few the guards had chosen to accompany me. How do I describe them? I guess I’ll start from tallest to… well, me.

I’m not sure why he was chosen to stay, though if you asked me it was probably because everyone was a too afraid to ask him to leave. Somewhere between the green tint of his flesh hinting at his orcish heritage, the fact that he was as tall as most of the humans in the room when he was sitting, or the clearly used axe strapped across his shoulders. All these things did flash through my mind, but the second thought was why I decided i would befriend him quickly. The taller the orc is, the funner the ride. Just need to get beyond the “throw the halfling” phase.

Sitting at a table, seeming quite distracted by the simpleness of the recruitment flier itself, was quite possibly the prettiest woman I had ever seen. -and i’m not just saying that because you might read this Ru… Ruo.. Runn… Elf lady.- Ears perked up at attention, a simple quarter staff resting against her thigh, smacking against the sheath of the scimitar hanging from a loop at her belt with each bob of her leg. I’m not quite sure what her role in the party will be, but i won’t mind having the eye-candy hobbling around in front of me shaking that. [the text is broken and unreadable past that….]

[After several ink spots and what appears to be attempted beginnings, the text becomes legible again.] Hmmm, now… Back to reality. (sorry, elf lady) Umm, people! That’s right, i was talking about my new companions. Near one of the bookshelves, leaning against the wall watching us through half-lidded eyes was another one of us. A man decked out in studded leather, the studs appearing fresh and shiny, lacking the proof of combat or wear just yet. The tip of an unstrung bow pokes up from over his shoulder and a longsword hangs from his belt. Probably the most interesting of the group in my eyes as he seems to almost… hate us already.

And the man of the hour, the one who i can’t seem to not look at from time to time. The man seems to just glow with godly powers. From the blonde hair dipping over his brow to the brand new armor covering him. He bounced around giddly talking to each of us in turn, full of smiles and laughs as he quickly announces his socialness. Probably wasn’t five minutes into the first conversation when we all learned he was a cleric of Pelor. Cleric. In these lands? A must have.

So there we have it, well… I didn’t include myself, but how long can I talk about me? Short and happy. There you have it.

A hour in the waiting room and then a long walk down a hallway that lead to the king’s warroom. The walls were decorated by kings of the past and valiant knights, little of which actually was as interesting as men would like you to believe. THe conversation with the king’s mages was long and boring, consisting of mainly them explaining the need to lie about the kobolds and a brief explanation to the actual mission. Missing princess. Kidnapped. Catacombs. Blah blah blah. The only part I actually participated in was the discussion on the reward. The others argued over land and titles and what not… I ended the conversation quite easily by approaching the three mages and making our demands. “One silk outfit for me… and one for… The Big guy there.” The big guy being Kevdak, of course.

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