Melgorim is a confederation of many city-states rather than a nation in it’s own right.

Each of the major Dwarf underground cities, plus the forest territories of the great Elven houses, and the few notable gnomish burrows are bound in ancient alliance to protect the borders of Melgorim against any threat.

However the internal borders of each city state are the responsibility of it’s inhabitants.

Each group has developed their own methods of defense in this regard, with the Dwarves staunchly protecting access to their cities from attack and subversion. The entrances to their massive underground metropolises are under guard and strictly regulated, and loyalty to the King is checked regularly.

The elves protect their own ancient forests with secrecy and spell, as well as the very lands that they guard. Scouts patrol their borders, and any intruders find themselves lost, starved, and hysterical if their intentions are hostile. The city of Delta is one of the only Elven vestiges of power that is public knowledge.

The gnomes arrange treaty with their neighbors in exchange for goods, services, and research, using the strengths of the other races as their own.

Eversteel Dwarves
Stonebeard Dwarves
Ironfist Dwarves

House Siannodel Elves
House Amondienn Elves

Nackle Gnomes
Beren Gnomes


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