The Council is the order of mages based in Valacre. They are a diverse group, with their members trained for many purposes. Many of their members are also officers in Albion’s military. Their nine leaders – one for each discipline of magic, are known only to the King, and stand as his advisors.

They do not attend court, and are only known to all but the King as “The Nine”.

The Council is made up of some one hundred members, and as many as double that number in apprenticeships, petitioning for membership. There is no set limit to the order’s size, but they tend to expand based on need.

In times past, their number was much larger, as many Wizards were deployed as battle mages and tacticians across the expansion campaigns of Imperialistic Albion.

The Council rules the Tower of Nine, one of two towers framing the Royal Palace of Albion.


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