King Jonas Morhion

King Morhion ascended to the throne at the young age of 17. As a boy, the prince saw the stress of war on the home front, while his father waged campaign after campaign during the long summers of Albion.

The child King rejected the advice of the generals, and enacted policies of maintaining Albion’s territory, rather than continued gain.

Disproving criticisms of childlike optimism and short-sidedness, the young king did order some minor, tactical expansions of the borders to absorb the Brightcopper Mines of Clan Ironfist.


Throughout the King’s reign, Albion has filled it’s treasury through commerce and diplomacy, backed by the recent memory of Albion’s military might. Old enemies have become allies, if grudgingly, and a time of peace has marked the fifty years of rule under King Morhion.

King Jonas Morhion

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