Rulers of Delta

The elven city of Delta is governed by two major bodies. The first is a rotating meeting hall where all citizens of rank present issues important to them and pass decisions on how to handle them. Largely relating to market stall space and tariffs on trade, the Lot Forum prevents such issues from falling to the second body of government:

The High Council.

The High Council is made up of seven Elves, who are voted in by the family heads of Melgorim.

House Amondienn holds three of those seats, while House Siannodel is able to hold two.

The Delta family holds the final seat, as is the tradition. Falsarian Delta is the current holder.

A spot is currently occupied on the High Council by a delegate of the Golaren Elves. The younger Elven Federation is appointed this representative in concession of the massive oversight they welcome from the Melgorim Elves.

Rulers of Delta

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